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Frequently Asked Questions

All KissMe Products

Rinse immediately with water or lukewarm water without rubbing. Please consult your doctor by bringing a product if you still feel pain or abnormal sensation after rinsing your eyes.

The mucous membranes of the eyes are very delicate, so be careful not to get cosmetics in your eyes.

Since cosmetics are made from highly safe ingredients, there is no danger even if children accidentally swallow them.

After wiping or rinsing their mouth, let them drink water or milk to dilute what they have swallowed, and wait for a while and carefully observe their conditions (especially if they swallow cosmetics containing ethanol).

Please consult your physician if you are worried or see any abnormal reactions from children, bring the cosmetics they have put in their mouth (preferably a package with all the ingredients, an instruction manual, etc.).

It is important to treat them as soon as possible. Cosmetics on clothing may stain or damage the fabric if you try to force to remove it.

If you accidentally apply cosmetics to your important clothing, it may not be possible to remove them sufficiently depending on the material of the fabric. We recommend you bring it to a Cleaning Store along with the product as soon as possible and consult them.

We do not test our products on animals while researching and developing products and disagree with Animal Testing.

For the raw materials, if our customers wish to know the details, we will need to check with raw material manufacturers one by one.

In this case, we can obtain information on animal testing after March 11, 2019, when the EU banned animal testing on raw materials.

We have never received answers from manufacturers that they have tested on animals for raw materials that we use.

Based on the above, we believe that we do not use any raw materials that have been conducted animal testing for our products. And we are willing to provide any detailed information or evidence if it's requested.

Thank you for your patience as you wait for the product to come back in stock!

If you would like to be notified via email when the product is back in stock, just go to the product page and add your email address to the little box by clicking "Notify Me"


Each type of mascara has a different way to remove it.

Long UP Mascara Super Waterproof / Volume UP Mascara Super Waterproof

These are very strong Super Waterproof mascaras.

Please use an Oil-base Cleanser or Eye Makeup Remover to take it off. Heroine Make Speedy Mascara Remover is specifically formulated for Heroine Make mascaras so that it easily removes our mascaras.

Volume Control Mascara

This mascara is Tubing Mascara and can be removed with lukewarm water. Soak mascara with lukewarm water for a while and gently remove it with fingers by pinching it down.

Long & Curl Mascara Advanced Film / Volume & Curl Mascara Advanced Film / Micro Mascara Advanced Film / Curl Keep Mascara Base

These mascaras are tubing mascaras with Advanced Technology.

Like regular tubing mascaras, first, soak mascara with lukewarm water and gently pinch with your fingers to loosen up. Then, wash off with a foaming cleanser.

  • Formula of this type of mascara reacts to warm water and cleanser differently. If you don't soak mascara in warm water well enough, it may be harder to remove than it is supposed to be.
  • Milk-type or Gel-type cleansers may not remove it well, therefore we recommend you use facial foam.
  • If you use multiple different items together such as Curl Keep Mascara Base and Waterproof mascara, please use Oil-base Cleanser.

We recommend you wear contact lenses before using mascara. Avoid letting mascara solution get into your eyes.

There used to be only two types of mascara, which are Waterproof mascara and Tubing mascara (film type).

Advanced Film mascara is used new technology that adopted both features of Strong Water-Resistance and Easy-Remove.

It has a very strong water resistance against sweat, tears, and oil, but the mascara can be removed with warm water and facial foam.

We do not recommend it. When you remove the mascara, it requires you to pinch your lashes and massage them while washing them off with facial foam.

Heroine Make Super Waterproof Mascaras have stronger durability.

Due to such a high durability, it requires you to use oil-base cleanser or eye makeup remover to remove it.

Heroine Make Speedy Mascara Remover is specifically formulated for Heroine Make mascaras so that it easily removes our mascaras.

Please stroke the inside of the container with a mascara brush and take the solution to the brush.


Each type of eyeliner has a different way to remove it.

Prime Liquid Eyeliner Rich Keep / Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep

Please remove with lukewarm water.

These eyeliners have high-durability and strong water-ressistance. If it's hard to remove with just lukewarm water, please use facial cleanser.

Long Stay Sharp Gel Liner

Please use oil-base cleanser to remove it.

For eyeliner that makes clicking noise when you shake, these type of eyeliners can have this kind of troubles depending on how you use and store.

Before use, please shake well with a cap tightly closed, and dab eyeliner on facial tissue well from the tip to root of brush. Please repeat this step until the liquid will come out.

To make the eyeliner liquid color evenly, shake it about 10 times with the cap on, then turn the brush tip downward and leave it for 6 - 8 hours.

After that, shake it well again about 10 times with the cap on, press firmly against the tissue, and repeat several times until the ideal color comes out.

Once the liquid comes out naturally, do not leave the brush tip facing down, but store it sideways.

Eyelash Serum & Remover

Watering Eyelash Serum

Use it in the morning and at night on clean eyelashes.

We recommend you using it every day to maintain beautiful healthy eyelashes.

This item can be used on both upper and lower lashes in the morning and at night.

Yes, it can be used with Eyelash Extensions. This item has oil-free formula.

No. We recommend you to use it when your skin is not wet.

Loyalty & Rewards

Community Rewards

KissMe Community Rewards is a free loyalty program, a way of thanking our loyal customers for choosing KissMe USA. As a rewards member, you will earn points for every purchase, and receive exclusive offers and rewards you deserve. Benefits start the moment you join, It’s all about beauty and love.

Everyone is welcome to join the KissMe Rewards Program! When you create an account on KissMe-USA.com, you are automatically enrolled in the program.

Yes, it's easy and completely free to join the program, sign up now to start collecting your reward points.